There’s nothing silly about New Years goals – Seniors on the Coast January 2017


I love beginning a new year. My favourite public holiday is New Year’s Day. Christmas is done and dusted, summer is in full swing, people are still in a festive, relaxed holiday mode and the Universe gives us a fresh canvas.

It’s a cosmic dose of hope and love

New Year usually begins with a sunrise salute and giving thanks followed by a plunge in the ocean.  Then I cast my gaze up and ahead, and begin the dreaming. Dreaming big; grand and bold.  I will mind map my desires, vision board them into tangible realness, set goals and make plans.

When I used to work in corporate, we would set our goals and targets or KPIs for the year, but that was always a dreary exercise.  You may be familiar with the workplace term – SMART goals. Make

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The Timing of Life Lessons – Kidz on the Coast Dec 2016


As I write this today, Trump has just been elected and my eldest son today turned 17.

The leader of the ‘free world’ has a new President Elect.  The first-born in our home is almost a man.  I don’t know how either of these things just happened! Both have left me rocked and gobsmacked and a bit scared. Both set us down a course of nothing I’ve ever known before.

What do these two things colliding on the same day, sharing the same timing in history, possibly have for me as message and wisdom? I look to Father Time and the comforting patterns found in the evolving of life and love to soothe me.

Hopefully for both situations any extreme reactions will have met in the middle, we will have adapted to new environmental conditions and time

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Life & Love Newsletter August 2015

Thank you for all who supported my Dry July efforts. I raised $225 for CoastCanCare and an incredble $3.8 million was raised overall for 42 cancer support organisations across Australia. It’s a great community activity and I felt fab physically and spiritually for doing it AND lost a few more kilos following my nutritional cleansing program. I will definitely need to buy some new clothes for my upcoming wedding season!

Speaking of wedding season, it begins early with a number of ceremonies this August and September and exploding in peak season by October onwards. I love my wedding-filled Spring and Summer, so joyful!

Winter has been a more sombre yet still life affirming time, with the wheel of life turning to completion for many beautiful people exiting their physical bodies. It was my privilege to celebrate with the beautiful Family Greene, the life and

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Life & Love Newsletter May 2015

Hello Life & Love family. OMG what a wild month of April we had with the storms. I hope everyone emerged safe, intact and OK. Not to mention the big emotional moments and turmoil that April also brought, such as the 100th Centenary of ANZAC Day, the execution of the Andrew and Myu, and the devastation of the earthquake in Nepal. I don’t know about you, but it was a month I needed to draw on prayer, meditation, tapping (see my demo below), the love of family and friends, and a deep practice of gratitude to keep me nourished and balanced. As we move into May, may the sun shine and love prevail.

In amongst the chaos, love and joy trumped all, with April delivering some fabulous memorable weddings with amazing couples

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