There’s nothing silly about New Years goals – Seniors on the Coast January 2017


I love beginning a new year. My favourite public holiday is New Year’s Day. Christmas is done and dusted, summer is in full swing, people are still in a festive, relaxed holiday mode and the Universe gives us a fresh canvas.

It’s a cosmic dose of hope and love

New Year usually begins with a sunrise salute and giving thanks followed by a plunge in the ocean.  Then I cast my gaze up and ahead, and begin the dreaming. Dreaming big; grand and bold.  I will mind map my desires, vision board them into tangible realness, set goals and make plans.

When I used to work in corporate, we would set our goals and targets or KPIs for the year, but that was always a dreary exercise.  You may be familiar with the workplace term – SMART goals. Make

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Life & choices into ageing.

Happy romantic couple walking and holding hands on a beachSeniors on the Coast Article – June 2016

There was a recent episode on SBS Insight about new approaches to aged living, and in particular, broadening the options to more holistically and individually cater for the needs and wishes of families.  It was heartening the conversation was being aired and scary in the same breath at the lack of choice.

Currently, unless you are independent, both physically, mentally and even financially, the options for seniors as they move into the remainder of their lifetime, narrows significantly.  For most, whilst the desire to maintain autonomy and stay at home is paramount, often this option is not available or practical.

Should a person need help, their first wish is to have a partner or family take care of them, but often that is not available.

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Evolving into Being – Seniors on the Coast Jun/Jul 2015

IMG_0030This weekend my mum celebrated her 72nd birthday. Over the course of the weekend she was guest of honour and indulged with beautiful gatherings and gifted many lovely presents. It culminated in a long lazy lunch surrounded by her trusty gaggle of wonderful gal pals, who adore and admire her enormously, with me tagging along too for the fun and frivolity.

Well, I don’t just tag along for the fun and frivolity, I go greedily to soak up the energy and be inspired in the presence of ‘evolving masters’.  I truly love being in the company of my mum and her friends. They are so alive and wise.  I highly recommend every woman out there get themselves some rocking it, sassy evolved senior women on their team to lead the way and smooth the path and generally nourish them with great love

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Healthy ageing and wellness in longevity – Viva la Revolution!

Seniors on the Coast article (March 2015)

active ageing

It can be said that your age is a chronological fact, a number, but growing old is mental, cultural and habitual and, in our Western culture, the socialisation of negative norms for growing old are very entrenched.

I’m interested in this, because my husband, who is 12 years my senior, is turning 55 this year. I was beginning to tease him and roast his impending ‘getting old’, busting out all the usual clichés, joking about how he can get cheaper senior’s insurance and that he’ll need to leave to go live in a gated community etc. Thankfully I had sense to pause and listen to my assumptions and judgements, and stop myself.

“Hang on” I said to myself, “I have a vested interest in keeping my husband young, healthy, vital

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In Celebration of Mature Love

Seniors on the Coast article (Dec 2014)

older coupleI read recently about a couple in their seventies, married for 50 years, and still passionately in love. The wife said something that was so wise and true, she said: “We know our time is limited now.  If it is not fun, loving, joyful or interesting, we just don’t give it our energy. Life’s too short to hold grudges and too interesting to ruminate the past. We prefer our time together to be the best choice we can make for our remaining happiness, health and hearts”.

If only we all learn to live this wisdom earlier in our relationships!  Perhaps we need to down the gossip mags that herald the latest celebrity couple split and instead celebrate and affirm Loves successful role models.  We need to read good news stories of

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