Dying to have the conversation

suntreeArticle for Seniors on the Coast – August 2015

Death is a profound rite of passage that escapes no-one. Facing the end of life process – whether through illness or old age, disease or accident – can be made meaningful and bearable by creating the appropriate rituals and celebrations. End of life ceremonies to mark this final passage, and the people and relationships involved, are incredibly important.

The funeral is the most sacred and profound ceremony to conduct. It is the final authoring of one’s life.  But often families are unprepared and unresourced. Even with an expected death, many families find the essential information they need to make decisions and feel empowered with choices, is not available to them.

It is not just the funeral though, how many of us have a plan for our dying? Given that most of us

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At end of life, consider the difference my unique, bespoke and holistic funeral & pastoral care services can offer.

My craft as a funeral celebrant and pastoral care practitioner is unique, bespoke and holistic. It is hard to convey what I do, but I was humbled to receive this thank you from a family I worked with last week. They have generously allowed me to share their words to support the work I do in the hope others can be held appropriately at their time of need. Because I don’t work for the big funeral houses, my service survives only by word-of-mouth and community referral from those who have experienced the difference I can offer. It is a sensitive service I offer and hard for me to ‘advertise’ but please know I can be available to you or any family in need leading up to, during and after a death of a beloved. Thank you my lovely family for these generous words:

Dear Sarah

You’ve been on

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A King Tide Week of Life & Love & Loss

Seniors on the Coast article (Jan 2015)


In both my private life, professional life and in the public realm, this week has been poignant with love and loss. Sometimes the rich tapestry of life delivers crescendos of peak experiences that can whirl you up in an eddy of emotions and land you….well…not in Kansas Toto!

With a combined career as both celebrant and pastoral care practitioner, life does tend to bring a disproportionate amount of both love filled joyful moments as well as sadness and loss across my path.

This week, though, it’s been a ‘four funerals and a wedding’ week. Like the famous movie, only in reverse, and much less swearing…well maybe only just a bit less. Unlike the movie though, there is no tidy happy ending, rather life goes on with tough news and challenging moments

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