There’s nothing silly about New Years goals – Seniors on the Coast January 2017


I love beginning a new year. My favourite public holiday is New Year’s Day. Christmas is done and dusted, summer is in full swing, people are still in a festive, relaxed holiday mode and the Universe gives us a fresh canvas.

It’s a cosmic dose of hope and love

New Year usually begins with a sunrise salute and giving thanks followed by a plunge in the ocean.  Then I cast my gaze up and ahead, and begin the dreaming. Dreaming big; grand and bold.  I will mind map my desires, vision board them into tangible realness, set goals and make plans.

When I used to work in corporate, we would set our goals and targets or KPIs for the year, but that was always a dreary exercise.  You may be familiar with the workplace term – SMART goals. Make

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The Timing of Life Lessons – Kidz on the Coast Dec 2016


As I write this today, Trump has just been elected and my eldest son today turned 17.

The leader of the ‘free world’ has a new President Elect.  The first-born in our home is almost a man.  I don’t know how either of these things just happened! Both have left me rocked and gobsmacked and a bit scared. Both set us down a course of nothing I’ve ever known before.

What do these two things colliding on the same day, sharing the same timing in history, possibly have for me as message and wisdom? I look to Father Time and the comforting patterns found in the evolving of life and love to soothe me.

Hopefully for both situations any extreme reactions will have met in the middle, we will have adapted to new environmental conditions and time

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Life & choices into ageing.

Happy romantic couple walking and holding hands on a beachSeniors on the Coast Article – June 2016

There was a recent episode on SBS Insight about new approaches to aged living, and in particular, broadening the options to more holistically and individually cater for the needs and wishes of families.  It was heartening the conversation was being aired and scary in the same breath at the lack of choice.

Currently, unless you are independent, both physically, mentally and even financially, the options for seniors as they move into the remainder of their lifetime, narrows significantly.  For most, whilst the desire to maintain autonomy and stay at home is paramount, often this option is not available or practical.

Should a person need help, their first wish is to have a partner or family take care of them, but often that is not available.

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Looking for a Marriage Miracle?

From Kidz onthe Coast Magazine – 2016 April – May Issuecouple-kissing-400x400

I’ll get straight to the nitty gritty. In your marriage has the spark gone? Are you growing in parallel silos or unevenly or in different directions? Not talking anymore or only about the kids and home chores?  Are you missing the affection, intimacy and thrill? Are you feeling bored, unappreciated or even taken for granted? Are you looking enviously at other relationships? Are you having the same fights and never fully resolving disagreements or disappointments? You don’t want to leave and still love each other, but you are wondering how things might be if you did leave? Are you feeling un-resourced and don’t know where to go for support? Maybe you are at the point of wishing for a miracle?

At the coal face of marriage, beyond the

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At end of life, consider the difference my unique, bespoke and holistic funeral & pastoral care services can offer.

My craft as a funeral celebrant and pastoral care practitioner is unique, bespoke and holistic. It is hard to convey what I do, but I was humbled to receive this thank you from a family I worked with last week. They have generously allowed me to share their words to support the work I do in the hope others can be held appropriately at their time of need. Because I don’t work for the big funeral houses, my service survives only by word-of-mouth and community referral from those who have experienced the difference I can offer. It is a sensitive service I offer and hard for me to ‘advertise’ but please know I can be available to you or any family in need leading up to, during and after a death of a beloved. Thank you my lovely family for these generous words:

Dear Sarah

You’ve been on

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The Parenting “Condition”

Kidz on the Coast article –August 2015

As parents the love that we have for our children is unconditional… is a given…. nothing they can do will ever change the fact that we love them.  We loved them from the beginning and we will always love them.  Yes, that is a truly great thing.

Sometimes however, in this tough gig called ‘parenting’ not all our interactions feel ‘unconditionally loving’ simply because the child/parent dynamic is full of ‘conditions’ of engagement. We have to say ‘no’ a lot. We disappoint and discipline.  We can get angry and snappy and tired and hurt and generally be the faulty, flawed human beings that we are.  And sometimes our offspring will confuse and equate the conditions of parenting with conditions for loving them and can arrive at a faulty logical conclusion and limiting belief that our love is conditional.

I believe this lies at

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Enabling mistakes. A life & love lesson for an overachieving mum.

Kidz on the Coast article (April 2015)

teenage journey

My new high school teenager had his first big school project due this week.  The lead up involved many acts of nagging, reminding, threatening to get him started and still, it took till the last weekend to see a flurry of stress and activity arise from him. And even then, he kept stopping and asking for me to help, A.K.A, for me to do it for him.

His first effort was unceremoniously critiqued by me. It was harsh criticism that came out of my mouth, uncensored, before I had time to put it through the ‘positive parenting filter’ with a resounding, “Not good enough…not even close…. this is a primary school effort, you are in high school now, it needs much more substance”.  Ooops.  Not my finest hour as a parent.


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Summer of surrender – time to love and let be

Gosford City Magazine article (Jan 2015)


It is officially Summer. School is done. Holidays are here. Yay!!!  The weather is great…..I hope…and you are busy with Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, and sharing holiday fun with family and friends. And I really hope all your wishes come true.

But at some point in the silly season, I get overwhelmed by it all and crave the return of normalcy. And I know for many, while family is great, maybe only in small doses.

After a while, I secretly want to get back to work and for the kids to be back at school.  I become agitated by too much relaxing and socialising and long for the return to routine and my ‘alone time’ and ‘creative space’.  And you know what? That is entirely OK and natural too! I don’t

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