Sarah’s Life & Love Practice

Sarah’s core life values are Love, Family, Health & Wellness, Education, Community, Creativity, Beauty, Laughter and Joy. Photo by Aaron Pratt.
Sarah’s core life values are Love, Family, Health & Wellness, Education, Community, Creativity, Beauty, Laughter and Joy. Photo by Aaron Pratt.
Sarah is a holistic and boutique celebrant; a funeral director & planner; an end-of-life consultant, bereavement specialist and a fully trained Marriage Therapist.

Sarah Tolmie is a Life & Love coach and consultant assisting individuals, couples and families to celebrate, create, navigate, learn, heal and grow through all life & love milestones, transitions, changes, challenges and losses. Her practice focuses on love, marriage & family relationships; success, lifestyle & wellness; and grief & loss, including coping with illness, dying and death.

Sarah is a highly skilled Marriage Therapist. Her ‘Miracle Marriage’ principles and teachings offer a contemporary, real and sustainable approach for couples to repair conflict and expand and enrich their experience of life, love and intimacy in committed relationships and marriage. Her clinical training is in the Gottman Couple Therapy Method – a scientific and evidenced based framework with more than 40years of proven research and success.

As a Life & Love holistic celebrant, Sarah creates profound and meaningful rituals and ceremonies for all life & love events – weddings, commitments, motherhood ceremonies, namings, funerals and memorials – as well as offering the education, support and ongoing guidance that envelopes these life transitions.

For her wedding couples, Sarah offers additional support with Pre-Marriage coaching workshops that are educational, fun and enlightening.

In her funeral ceremonial practice, Sarah also has the capacity to act as an independent funeral arranger and director, providing a complete single provider service between death to funeral, and even beyond as needed.

Sarah has a broad professional and experiential practice in death, grief and bereavement. She is a certified clinical pastoral care practitioner (with 4 years practice as ward chaplain at Gosford Hospital), where she provided non-religious, spiritual and emotional care to patients, staff & families.  Sarah now incorporates this works into her celebrancy and provate coaching/consultancy practice as an end-of life consultant and guide, death educator,  and death doula (providing care during active death, after death body care and home vigils).

Sarah and Andrew have been married for 21 years and have two sons, Finn (19) and Rory (15). They live the principles and practices of a ‘miracle marriage’ – consciously loving, recommitting to love every day and continuing to create, grow and evolve their Life & Love

Sarah’s Life & Love 

Sarah really does walk her bliss. Sarah is a ‘beach babe’ at heart and is a regular lifesaving patrol member for the Umina Beach Surf Club. She has been married to the love of her life, Andrew for 20 years and has two gorgeous, boisterous and sometimes smelly boys, Finn (18) and Rory (15).  She is also in a passionate relationship with her ‘fur-child’ Harvey-dog.

In 2001 Sarah moved from Sydney to the Central Coast. This became a life-change, not just a sea-change. Sarah ditched the corporate career and a few bumps and hurdles along the way were all simply part of the ‘scenic route’ towards a life full of love and laughter. Both personally and professionally, Sarah describes her Central Coast adventures as close encounters with life and death, love and loss, joy and transformation.

Originally trained in Social Anthropology and Psychology, and with more than a passing interest in human connections & relationships, Sarah returned to her passion for ceremony & ritual; love & relationships; wellness & transformation and retrained as a Life & Love celebrant, coach/ therapist and consultant.

Sarah credits her sanity to meditation, prayer and daily homage to her beach, as well as her life-sustaining friendships with amazing women and her hero mentor, her wise and beautiful mum. She proudly declares herself an ‘undomestic goddess’.

Sarah has discovered Zumba, and has an on again/off again unfaithful relationship with yoga, and also dabbles in laughter yoga, bad singing and ‘binge meditating’ – preferably in a hammock or at her favourite meditation rock at a secret sacred location!  And she is always looking for any excuse to dance and sing!

Sarah’s Professional  History 

Sarah has  more than a decade of experience in media and corporate communications, working both in a consultancy and in-house capacity for the corporate sector.

Sarah  is a fully qualified marriage/funeral and general Celebrant. Appointed in Sept 2005.

Sarah is a fully trained Marriage Therapist and Life Coach.  She has also trained as a NLP Master Practitioner and Coach, Master Hypnotherapist and Master in Time Line Therapy®, Theta Healer.  Other therapeutic modalities included in Sarah’s repertoire of care include Spiritual Counselling & Prayer, P.E.A.C.E Process, Energy Practices and Quantum Linguistics.

Sarah is a certified pastoral care practitioner, with formal training in Clinical Pastoral Education. In May 2013 she undertook an initial 40hours of foundation study with Gosford CPE and then from July – December 2013 she completed her Basic Unit of CPE at Gosford Hospital under the supervision of Reverend Ken Shakespeare. This included 80 hours of group supervision, 10 hours of individual supervision, 100 hours of training/didactics and most importantly 200 hours of ward visitation. Sarah chose and was accepted for her training onto Medical 2 Ward (Oncology) and Medical 3 Ward (Cardiac Care).  Between 2014 – March 2017 Sarah volunteered 1-day a week  on M4 (Respiratory & Palliative Ward) as the Ward Chaplain, providing non-religious, spiritual and emotional care to patients, staff & families.


Sarah’s Therapeutic & Academic Qualifications - BA. MA. CMC

Bachelor Arts (Social Anthropology, Psychology & Linguistics)

Masters in Communication Management

Diploma in Marriage & Funeral Celebrancy

And the beloved 'fur-child' Harvey
And the beloved ‘fur-child’ Harvey

Pastoral Care (College of Clinical Pastoral Education)

Fully trained Marital Therapist, completing Levels 1 & 2 in Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

NLP Master Practitioner – Coaching & Counseling (ABNLP)

Certified Master Practitioner of Hypnosis (ABH)

Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®

Laughter Yoga Leader

Primary Ethics Volunteer Teacher (Primary Ethics NSW


Sarah’s Community Engagement

Sarah has always been motivated by a service and community ethic. When her kids were in primary school she volunteered as a Primary Ethics teacher.

Sarah was also the president of the Peninsula Families Action Group, a group of community-minded people advocating for better parks and open spaces for our children on the Central Coast Peninsula and a committee member of the Gosford Regional Playground Strategy Committee for Gosford City Council. With this action group she was successful in achieving a new amazing playground at Umina Beach. It was the largest in single playground investment ever undertaken on the Central Coast and has the biggest rope climb structure in the southern hemisphere. Check it out for a play. After 5 years of advocacy and work, the park was opened December 2010.

Sarah has also been previously active in surf lifesaving and spent four years as volunteer at Gosford Hospital as a ward chaplain providing non-religious, spiritual and emotional care to patients, staff & families.